Improved NVMe SSD powered KVM VPS plans coming soon


A key offering of our KVM based VPSes, the NVMe SSD powered plan has offered impressive disk I/O speeds which has been an important factor when deciding on a VPS to be used for disk I/O bound tasks such as larger databases etc.

As part of our continuous hardware review, we’ve identified a newer (and better) hardware setup which offers an impressive gain over the existing setup in use for our NVMe SSD based plans.

We will be now using the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X series CPU along with newer generation Samsung NVMe SSDs offering improved CPU and Disk I/O performance. Last but not least, with the change in CPU, we bring in faster RAM as well offering faster memory performance as well.

All in all, this upgrade provides you with more processing power (better single core and multicore performance), faster disk access (higher disk IOps and faster read/write speed) and faster memory (RAM) as well.

There will be no change in cost for any of the plans we offer, all existing customers will be upgraded over to this newer hardware setup for free.

Users will be contacted prior to the migration with a date/time window during which we will migrate over services to the newer hardware.

Stay tuned for further updates!
– Team CrownCloud

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