bookmark_borderRedesigned Task Log Interface Coming Soon

Hey There!

As part of our series highlighting the redesign/changes in our panel, today we’re moving to the Task Log!

Redesigned Task Log Interface

The Task Log interface remains basic but quite important in highlighting completed tasks and pending tasks,

We have redesigned the interface to be more sleek when viewing multiple tasks. We plan to introduce a method to view all the tasks ran previously as well.

Stay tuned for further updates!… Read More

bookmark_borderRedesigned Manage Network Interface Coming Soon!

Hey There!

Continuing with our previous series of previewing out our new user interface, today we’re happy to preview out the new & redesigned Manage Network Interface!

Checkout the previous post about our Redesigned Snapshot Interface

To begin with, we’ve split the Manage Network interface into 3 parts, to give us more “space” to work with for each item,

  • Network Addresses
  • Network Usage Graph
  • Previous Usage

Network Addresses

The Network Addresses Section

This is the first tab you see when … Read More

bookmark_borderSnapshots now available for OpenVZ 7 powered VPSes

Snapshots are now available for OpenVZ 7 powered VPSes in our control panel,

snapshot interface for OpenVZ 7 powered VPSes

You can now create/restore/destroy snapshots for your OpenVZ 7 VPS with 1-click in your control panel at any time!

Please feel free to contact us via the client area if you require any help/support when using our snapshot interface

Thank you
– CrownCloud Staff… Read More

bookmark_borderRedesigned Snapshots Interface Coming Soon!

Hey There!

We’ve been working on a new design for our control panel and we’re glad to unveil the first redesigned feature today — Snapshots!

the new redesigned snapshot interface

As seen in the above image, we’ve redesigned out the snapshot interface to be clearer and more informative while making good use of the space available.

The first thing you see is the long character-numeric string, the snapshot-UUID, this is vital when trying to address the snapshot with when using … Read More

bookmark_borderRedesigned SSH Keys Interface

We’ve redesigned our SSH Key Management interface!

The New Redesigned SSH Key Interface

The new interface provides a cleaner layout for users with multiple SSH Keys.

We hope this change improves your experience working with our control panel, this change is live for all users.

Please feel free to send us any feedback and/or suggestions via a client area ticket.

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