bookmark_borderNew Website Launched


We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched our newly redesigned website.

The newly designed website is lighter, faster and contains more information about the product at your fingertips.

We’ve made it easier to access Client-AreaCrownPanelBlog, and Wiki with direct links at the header of the website.

As part of providing better and newer services, we’ve introduced Direct Admin Licensing and Web hosting for Shared and Resellers.

We offer the following services in Direct Admin,

Shared Hosting Plans and Reseller Hosting Plans comes with Four different plans German location and the Directadmin VPS plan are available in Three different Locations and Four Different Plans. 

We’re also very excited to announce to you that we’ve expanded our VPS hosting to Atlanta, Georgia, USA (US-East) location now.

More info about our Data Centers here.

We are currently offering the following services,

And we’ll shortly announce OpenVZ based services, so stay updated with us by following our social media accounts.

Follow us on CrownCloud BlogTwitter, and Facebook for updates regarding current offers and other updates.

bookmark_borderAdding Label To VPS Is Now Available

Hey There!

We’re happy to announce that Adding Labels to VPSes is now available in CrownPanel.

Labeling a VPS is going to be very helpful to “mark” or “differentiate” between VPSes, for example, it will help you mark the purpose of that VPS.

To add a Label to the VPS,

The label text has a maximum allowed length of 12 alphanumeric characters!!

Each VPS can have two Labels with 3 different colors which will be RED, GREEN, and BLUE which will help you to differentiate between labels.

For example, here we add a label called “Production” with green colour,

In the above screenshot, you can see that VPS is named has “Production” with green color which can be easily identified as the VPS is active and used for production.

You can remove Label by clicking the Cross mark as shown in the above screenshot.

Stay tuned for further updates!

bookmark_borderHard Reboot Option Now Available

Hello there!
As part of our series highlighting the redesign/changes in our panel, We have introduced a new option in our control panel (CrownPanel), Hard Reboot.

Previously, Hard Reboot was achieved by issuing a shutdown task and then a boot task to re-boot the system. In other words, this option is similar to pulling out the power to your PC and then plugging back in.

We recommend only having to use this option when the VPS is not responding to any of your actions, for example, incase of a kernel panic.

You will find the Hard Reboot option under the Power Control tab

Once you click on the Hard Reboot button, you will see a popup window with a confirmation and the warning / informational message.

This option is available for both virtualizations OpenVZ and KVM.