A Brief Overview of the Snapshot Feature Offered by CrownCloud

In today’s blog, you will discover about Snapshot feature on our CrownPanel.

What is Snapshot?
A snapshot is a copy of virtual machines at a specific moment in time. It’ll store all the data, configurations, and status of the applications running on the system.

If an issue arises, such as a software update failure, system crash, or error you can use snapshots to restore the virtual machine (VM).

Uses of Snapshots,

Disaster Recovery: Quickly restore the system to its previous state after a failure or data loss.

Backup and Restore: Backup and restore: Store the data in its original state then restore to it when necessary.

Testing and Development: Create a secure environment in which to test new features or develop software without disrupting the production system.

System Upgrades and Patches: Install updates or patches and easily restore to a previous state if issues arise.

Data Migration and Cloning: Easily duplicate data for migration to new systems or to create similar instances.

Creating and Restoring Our Snapshot from CrownPanel

Click on Manage beside the VPS if you wish to create the Snapshot

Click on the Snapshot Tab

If your VPS is a KVM based VPS it will need to be powered off (shutdown) before the Snapshot can be created.

Click on Create Snapshot to create your Snapshot

  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • Once built, Your VPS will automatically boot up!

This process will take a minimum of 5 mins or more to complete depending on the size of your VPS!

The snapshot will be moved away to the backend snapshot store in the background, You can track its progress by clicking on Refresh

Once the snapshot is built, you will be presented with a UUID (Universally unique identifier), File Size, and Timestamp of the Snapshot build.

You can use the UUID to specify the snapshot name if you need any help with it when contacting our support team.

To Name your Snapshots, follow this instruction Click here.

The snapshot size should more or less be the same size as the VPS itself. If you feel that the size is too small compared to the data on the VPS, please feel free to contact our Support to investigate further, in many cases if there’s temporary data written out to /tmp it can be a cause for this smaller sized snapshot as well.

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