New Years Greetings

Hey There!

We hope the past year 2019 was a great one for you and wish you a amazing year ahead in 2020! 

Since we don’t email customers often, we’d thought we’d use this opportunity to share a yearly highlight with you to showcase some of the topics that we’ve worked on and some things which we have coming soon for you!

OpenVZ 6 to OpenVZ 7 Upgrades

November 2019 year saw OpenVZ 6 (based off CentOS 6) reach End-Of-Life status, during which no more (or very very limited) updates would be released for OpenVZ 6.

To counter this, we had to plan and migrate over customers to a newer OpenVZ 7 based platform, which offers the same known OpenVZ while having a modern kernel (based off CentOS 7) with more operating system templates being available as well.

We have successfully completed over this migration to the OpenVZ 7 platform before November!

OpenVZ 7 Snapshots

Migration to the OpenVZ 7 platform meant that we had to work out snapshots!

OpenVZ 7 does not carry the vzdump utility that came with OpenVZ 6 so we had to roll out our own solution to handle snapshots on OpenVZ 7, We completed this up in October and rolled out to all OpenVZ 7 powered VPSes.

More information:

New Panel UI / Upcoming feature highlights

We have now revamped the panel UI making it more user-friendly. A few requested features such as Automated rDNS, Previous Bandwidth usage have been added in with more to come soon!

Keep an eye on our blog for updates on this

Network Capacity & Router Upgrades in Quadranet (LA1) 

To further improve our networking capabilities at our LA1 Datacenter, we’ve upgraded our core-router and at the same time, increased up our network capacity as well. This should further help network performance at peak-hours and provide better stability and networking performance overall.

More information:

VPS services at Atlanta, Georgia, USA (US-East)

Finally to round off the year, we are rolling out our US-East Coast based location at Atlanta, Georgia!

We’ve evaluated and tested our Atlanta based setup with our cPanel offerings which have had good stability and networking all through the year. We extend the services available to SSD powered KVM VPSes, HDD powered KVM VPSes and Storage VPSes at our Atlanta, Georgia, USA location.  

Status Area

We’ve revamped our status area to be cleaner and show more information upfront when viewing a status topic, we will be further upgrading this to handle email-notifications to customers when an issue arises as well.  Checkout our status area at

DirectAdmin/cPanel Updates

In mid 2019, cPanel made few changes in their pricing model which created increases in cost in the cPanel Shared/Reseller market. To provide our users with an alternative, we have started DirectAdmin powered Shared and Reseller hosting services. We will continue to support both cPanel and DirectAdmin based services, so that our customers can have an option of platform to select always.

We hope to bring you more features, services and improvements in the year 2020 and look forward to hearing from you on what you’d like to see next! Pop in a ticket to our support team if there’s anything on your mind which we can do better/different/easier, and we’ll give it a go.

Wishing you the best,

— Team CrownCloud.

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