Debian 12 1-click install template and ISO is now available for KVM

We have some exciting news to share with you!

The Debian 12 1-click install template and ISO are now available as operating system choices on our KVM-based plans in our control panel. This means you can easily install Debian 12 on your virtual private servers with just a few clicks.

Debian 12, codenamed “Bookworm,” brings a multitude of benefits to users, including enhanced security, improved performance, and a wide range of software packages.

As a highly stable and reliable operating system, Debian has long been a favorite choice among developers, sysadmins, and tech enthusiasts. With the introduction of Debian 12 on our control panel, users can now harness the power of this popular Linux distribution effortlessly.

On our Control Panel, we offer Simplified Deployment with 1-Click Install, and now you can locate the Debian 12 Operating System here.

This allows users with a hassle-free experience, allowing them to quickly deploy Debian 12 with a single click.

Guidelines for 1-Click Installation  Click here.

Additionally, you can utilize an ISO file to install the Debian 12 operating system to configure and set up your own partition as per your requirement.

We have a dedicated wiki post with instructions on how to mount and install the new Debian 12 operating system from our CrownPanel.  Click here to see it.

We also have a few guides available on our wiki to start off with Debian 12 Click here,  — Feel free to contact our support team (via a support ticket) if you wish to see any new/different guide available on our wiki!

We’re constantly working on improving our services, so make sure to stay tuned for further updates! You can follow us on our CrownCloud Blog, Twitter, and Facebook for updates regarding current offers and other important news.

We hope you enjoy the new Debian 12 operating system on our KVM-based plans. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. They’re here to help you out!

Happy hosting,

Stay tuned for more!
– Team CrownCloud

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