Installing Debian 12


In this week’s feature highlight, we look at How to Install Debian 12

  • Login to CrownPanel for managing the server.
  • To start the installation, you will have to mount the Debian 12 ISO. To mount the ISO click on CD-ROM and then select the required ISO from the drop-down menu and click on Mount button(It will take 2-3 minutes) Deb12installer
  • Once the ISO has mounted (Task Log tab will show the status of the task), navigate to “Power Control” tab and then perform a Reboot task on the server. You can also perform a soft reboot from the VNC, by clicking on the Send Ctrl+Alt+Del button.
  • Now Launch VNC to start the installation. Deb12installer
  • Select your preferred language and click on continue. Deb12installer
  • Select your preferred country and click on continue. Deb12installer
  • Choose your preferred keyboard layout. Deb12installer
  • Enter the Hostname, In this example we will use “server”. You can also add a different Hostname that will better suit your operation. Deb12installer
  • Next, provide root password for the server. We generally recommend a strong password to begin with which helps in keeping the server safer. Check out Password Generator to generate a strong password for you. Deb12installer
  • We will create a new user for the system. For this, you will have to start with adding a Real name for the user. Deb12installer
  • Next, Create the new user. Enter a Username that will be used for non-administrative purposes. Deb12installer
  • Enter the password for the new user. Again, we recommend a strong password, from Password Generator. Deb12installer
  • Select the time-zone. Deb12installer
  • Now you have to partition your disk, Select your partitioning method. In this example, we will go with Manual partitioning. But if you go with guided, system will auto-generate all the standard partitioning that is required for the OS to run. Deb12installer
  • If you select manual, you will get the following window. Deb12installer
  • Select Yes to proceed further, this will overwrite the changes made on the partitioning to the disk. Deb12installer
  • You can select No here, we do not have any other ISO medium to scan. Deb12installer
  • Depending on the location of your server or system, you can select the nearest country for the mirror. Deb12installer
  • Select the Debian archive mirror. Deb12installer
  • You can leave it blank and click on continue. Deb12installer
  • As per your choice, you can select either to opt for sending anonimous data or not here. Deb12installer
  • Choose the additional softwares to install. Generally, you will need “SSH Server”, “standard system utilities” as part of a minimal install. But if you’re looking for a GUI install, you can choose “Debian desktop environment” along with your choice of user interface – GNOME, Xfce etc. Deb12installer
  • Select Yes to install GRUB. Deb12installer
  • Select the partition to install the GRUB boot loader, this will make your newly installed system bootable. For example — In our case, it is partition /dev/vda. Deb12installer Deb12installer Important: After the installation has completed unmount the ISO and reboot the server.
  • After the umount and reboot — Wait for a few minutes and then you will get login access.
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